Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy

Xcellerator Pty. Ltd (ACN 604 570 050) and its affiliates ("the Company, we, us, our") offer messaging and community based services (the "Website") to online users and/or users of the Company's mobile application (the "Application ") (collectively referred to as the "Services"). We understand our customers' concern about the privacy of their information when collected by us. The Services are based on a community of users publicly sharing information with the Company and with other members of that community. Our Privacy Policy describes how we treat the personal information that we receive from our users. It outlines the type of personal information we collect, how that information may be used, to whom we permit access and how we protect that personal information. Our Policy is part of our ongoing commitment to the protection of our customers' privacy. We are dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and security of the personal information which we collect about our customers and do so in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (including the Australian Privacy Principles ("APP's")).

What this policy does not cover:

The content that you share with other users online is neither private nor confidential and you should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to it. Information you upload will be posted along with other personal information. You must exercise caution and common sense when submitting and disclosing information. At the very least you should demonstrate the same degree of caution when mpublishing personal information by means other than the Internet and cellular services. In particular, users choose to share personal information such as name, age, gender, their location information, appearance, messages, and background personal information. This information may be shared either directly with the Service or to other users. This information may also be shared via third party services (such as social networks) which interact with the Service.

You can decide whether or not to upload content to the Services, but you should note that certain information is required in order to use the Services. However, any content that you submit for posting may be viewed by all users of the Services and by the Company.

Content, Photos and Blogging

You give us a perpetual and unlimited license to use any content including your image, photos and the blogs that you post on our Websites or by using our Applications, ("the online material") in our marketing and commercial materials. You agree that no royalty or other payment is payable by us to you for this license. Subject to us not utilising the online material in a way that is damaging to your reputation, you grant us the rights to use the online material as we require from time to time.


    We have and will continue to take all reasonable steps to implement and maintain practices, procedures and systems to ensure that we comply with all our obligations under the Privacy Act. Do not hesitate to contact us by{" "} if you have any questions about this policy or any matters arising from it.


    You may not wish to identify yourself or you may wish to use a pseudonym. If you choose to use a pseudonym, it may not be possible for us to provide our full Services to you. If you do not consent to the collection of your personal information or provide to us incomplete or inaccurate information, we may not be able to provide our services to you.



      We only collect personal information that is reasonably necessary for us to carry out the services that we offer to you, and to ensure that we comply with all laws in relation to those services. If we collect unsolicited material we will treat that in accordance with the requirements of the Act. The sort of personal information we collect will include:

      • your name, and other contact information, including phone and mobile phone numbers, address, email and any other personal information you volunteer which may include age, date of birth, your location, email details, place of birth, nationality, place of study and date of arrival in Australia; your educational background including where and what you are studying and your educational history;
      • information shared from your social network accounts;
      • meta-data that we collect, including information about the use of the Services (including when the Application is purchased and installed), the frequency and scope of your use of the Services, the duration of your sessions, information about the device on which you have installed the Application, the web pages that you visit via the Application, information that you read, content that you use or create, advertisements that you view or click on, your communications with other users and third parties, the Internet protocol (IP) address and the name of the domain that serves you to access the Services, and the geographic location of the computer system that you are using to log-in; and
      • confidential information like Visa and Passport information, driver's license details and bank account details ("Confidential Information"). This information is not released unless we have your express consent to do so or it is required for us to provide our services to you.

      If we need to collect Sensitive Information (such as information relating to health, disability, criminal convictions, religious or political affiliation), or Confidential Information we will only do so where it is reasonably necessary to perform our functions and will seek your express written consent in advance. Collection of such Sensitive Information is done in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. For the purposes of these terms, the term "Information" excludes Sensitive Information and Confidential Information.


    General: The Company collects information in a number of ways, including directly from you when you provide information (such as an email address and personal details) by sending us a message, creating a login or username, signing into the Services, sending or receiving messages to or from other users of the Services; email, phone or in documents such as an application form online; from third parties such as our related companies or your representatives; information collected and collated from publicly available sources, including search engines, website or applications, social media, publicly available data bases, third party sources and referees, personal contacts and industry connections; from metadata; from our own records; and Cookies (note you can disable this option on your browser settings).{" "}

    Cookies: A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded on to a device when the user accesses certain websites or applications. A cookie will allow a Website or application to recognise a user's device. A cookie will contain the name of internet location (the domain) from which the cookie has come and the lifetime of the cookie (a cookie will usually expire after a certain period of time).

    Two types of cookies may be used on our Website or Application (1) Session cookies which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the site. We may use session cookies to allow you to carry information across pages of our site and avoid having to re-enter information. (2) Persistent cookies which remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer (though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie). We may use persistent cookies from time to time to help us recognise you as a unique visitor when you return to our Website or Application and to monitor your use of our Website or Application and to allow us to link you to any of our Partners or Affiliates should you come to our Website or Application through a paid advert or banner on a Website or application of an Affiliate or Partner.

    Use of web beacons: Some of our web pages may contain web beacons which allow us to count users who have visited these pages. Web beacons collect only limited information including a cookie number, time and date of a page view, and a description of the page on which the web beacon resides. These beacons do not carry any personally identifiable information and are used to track the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign.{" "}



      We collect and use information for business purposes with respect to our products and services and other business relations involving our customers, including to give access to or improve functionality of our Services. We may use this Information For the primary purpose of providing you with the services that you have requested from us and for other purposes for which you have consented under these terms or in separate communications with us; to sell to third parties; internal management, quality assurance, risk management, billing and administrative purposes; to use in statistical reports and analysis to be used, sold or licenses to third parties (no identifying details can be contained in such reports); communicate with you with respect to our Services (including updates, notices, announcements, and additional information) and update you on our activities; when we are required to provide your personal information to others by law; gain an understanding of your information and communication needs in order for us to provide you with better, more personalised services that are tailored to your needs; maintain and improve the functionality of our Website or Application to provide better service to Website or Application visitors and users; improve our services by way of research and develop using third party services; to provide you with support and handle requests and complaints; to share your submissions with other users of the Services and to facilitate communication between you, the Company and other users; to conduct surveys and questionnaires; to enforce any Terms of Use; to take any action in any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and us, or between you and other users or third parties with respect to, or in relation with the Service.


      When necessary and in connection with the purposes listed above, the Company may disclose your personal information to and/or receive personal information from other companies within the Company group, government bodies, other service providers, legal and other professional advisers. We may also be required by law to disclose personal information to law enforcement officers or other persons. Your information may also be disclosed if we are compelled to make that disclosure under any law.


      You will be required to share information between your account and your social network account, particularly though Facebook. Through this option, you may choose to have personal information and other content about you available from social networks, transmitted and shared through the Services. Similarly, you will have personal information and other content about you available from the Company, transmitted to and shared through your social network account.

      By integrating with social networks including by signing onto the Company by using your social network account (such as your Facebook account), you agree to share information (including personal information) between the Company and such social networks, for the purposes provided under this Privacy Policy.

      The social network's use of information made available by the Company is governed by that social network's privacy policy and controlled by the social network, not by this Privacy Policy or the Company.

      When you connect to the social network account through the Services for the first time or otherwise make the Services interact with your social network account, you will be asked to permit the social network to share your personal information stored on such social network with the Services. We collect your information from your social network account only in accordance with your privacy settings you have set up under your social network accounts.

      We only collect such information which you allowed the social network(s) to share with third parties (such as your name, email address, list of friends, profile picture, other information you make publicly available via the applicable social network). You understand that the Services may access, make available and store (if applicable and as permitted by the third party social network and authorised by you) such information so that it is available on and through your Account.

      Please note that certain information which you have defined as private on your third party social network accounts may become public to other the Company Users through the Services if you have defined such information to be public on the Services. For example, if you designate your social network username as "private" in your social network account (to the extent possible under said settings), but have elected to set your Company account settings as public, then the username will become public on the Company service.


    {" "} By accepting our services and using the App, you expressly permit us and the Company group of companies to use your Information for our direct marketing purposes and the purposes expressly set out in this policy. You consent to our use of your Information to issue product and professional mail outs by email, fax, social media or letters and undertaking other marketing or service based activities. By agreeing to these terms you also agree to allow us to provide, sell, or license your Information to third parties who may have services that could be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive any of these materials, you may opt out at any time. You can change your mind about receiving materials or information about our products and services at any time by contacting us. You may opt out of any direct marketing service at any time.{" "}


    We may share your personal information within the Company group of companies. We may use new technologies from time to time and personal information may be stored outside Australia. We will not transfer personal information to a recipient in a foreign country unless we have appropriate protections in place as required by the relevant privacy laws. Your information will be stored on our data base for such period of time as required by law.


    We will use our own identifiers and not those assigned by the government unless we are required to do so, or the Australian Privacy Principles or other another law legislates us to do so.


    We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, up-to-date and complete. Please contact us if there is a change in your circumstances that requires an update to be made to our data. Following verification of your identity, we will correct or update your personal information within a reasonable time frame in the manner we describe below.{" "}


    How we protect Information

    We will take all reasonable steps to protect the information we hold from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. When information is no longer needed we will destroy or de-identify it.

    We require our employees to protect the confidentiality of information as required by applicable law. Access to information by our employees is limited to administering, offering, servicing, processing or maintaining of our products and services. We also maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect information. When we share or provide information to other persons or organizations, we contractually obligate them, if required by law, to treat information as confidential and conform to our privacy policy and applicable laws and regulations.


    You may request access to the Information which we hold about you and request its correction if you believe it to be incorrect. We can also correct your Information if we are satisfied that it is incorrect. There are some circumstances where we can refuse to give access to Information. These include where giving access to the Information would pose a serious threat to the life, health or safety of an individual or the public or have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others; or be frivolous or vexatious. The other exceptions are detailed the Australian Privacy Principles. If we deny access to information, we will give you our reasons for denying access. If you wish to access or correct your Information, please contact the Company at the address shown:

    Contact Details

    For security reasons, any request for details of information held by the Company should be made in writing. You may be asked to provide proof of identity. We will take all reasonable steps to provide you with access to the information requested within fourteen (14) days of your request. In situations where the request is complicated or requires access to a large volume of information, we will provide access to the information requested within thirty (30) days of your request. We may charge you a fee to reimburse us for the costs we incur relating to your request for access to information. However, no fees or charges apply to any request to add, change or delete your personal information, nor for correcting the information.


    If you have a concern about how we deal with privacy issues you can contact us or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney, NSW 2001, Telephone: 1300 363 992, Website:, Email: